photo: Malta Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Miran Vaupotić, Manoel Theatre

As a musician, it’s likely that you’ll connect with a variety of like-minded individuals as you traverse the industry. Music in essence is a collaborative activity, and as such it’s important to connect with new and familiar faces. Read on to find a few examples of PARMA’s endeavors in facilitating the process of getting composers’ new music into the hands of esteemed performers.

Axiom and Sergio Cervetti

Sergio Cervetti

Axiom Quartet

As PARMA develops a broad network of connections, it’s important that the music of these connections are able to resonate across the globe. Such is the case with composer Sergio Cervetti and his PARMA-assisted collaboration with the Axiom String Quartet from Houston, Texas. The two artists, both published on Navona Records, have been combining their talents as Axiom premiered Cervetti’s 5th work for string quartet, Silent Earth, in a virtual concert. The project, initially postponed due to the pandemic, was performed on the PARMA Live Stage on June 11, 2021.

Rain Worthington and Audrey Wright

Rain Worthington

Rain Worthington

Audrey Wright

When working with musicians who seek new pieces to include in upcoming projects, PARMA’s A&R Department will generally curate a specific list of suggestions appealing to the musicians’ tastes and blending with previous selections. During this process with violinist Audrey Wright, one suggested composer’s music in particular resonated. The work of innovative New York composer Rain Worthington spoke to Wright, and after hearing more of Worthington’s work, Wright decided to commission a unique new piece by the composer for violin and piano. Recording for this collaboration has been completed, and the resulting album is planned for release on Navona Records later this year.

Gregory W. Brown and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Gregory Brown

Gregory W. Brown

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

As a long time member of the PARMA family, Gregory W. Brown has released multiple albums on Navona Records and has participated in collaborations worldwide, with performances from Carnegie Hall to Malta. Brown’s composition Harmonies of Opposites was commissioned by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and premiered on February 2, 2019 in the Manoel Theatre. The piece, inspired by Maltese literature and art, was accompanied by a variety of other native works, and Overture to Candide by American composer Leonard Bernstein. In a previous interview in 2019, Brown cited the work of artist Victor Pasmore as an inspiration for the piece.

“When I saw the prints of Victor Pasmore I knew immediately that I had found something special — something that I could relate to and build off of sonically. I look forward to being in Malta and getting a firsthand sense of what Pasmore fell in love with when he first visited in the late 1960s.”

Gregory W. Brown

The possibilities are endless when collaborations between new music creators and performers arise. Interested in commissioning a new work of your own? Soloists and ensembles looking for recommendations, commissions assistance, or aid in building a concert or recording program can submit inquiries to