Onward and upward. With generations of players on a single stage and over a century’s worth of twists and turns, the Subotica Philharmonic Orchestra has a history quite unlike any other. Between its rich past, present reestablishment, and upcoming engagements that already include multiple world premieres, the next chapters for the Subotica Philharmonic look bright.

The Subotica Philharmonic’s history offers plenty to reflect back on. The Serbian orchestra was founded in 1908 by composer and conductor Ernest Lányi. Bringing together both established and amateur musicians, the Subotica Phil featured greats from Pablo Casals to Béla Bartók as soloists on its programs. From this proud first chapter on, the orchestra went through periods of varying activity (some periods of dormancy predictably coinciding with both World Wars). Changing hands, uncertain times, and even a year of dissolution in 2006 couldn’t completely end the orchestra, and today the Subotica Phil is firmly reestablished with talented musicians and an experienced administrative team.

​”It is a rare thing indeed for any organization, regardless of its nature or home, to have so long a history and so rich a cultural heritage,” stated PARMA CEO Bob Lord. “Sons, fathers, and grandfathers performing in the same orchestra, crossing generations and time – this is something truly special, and something which must be treasured.”

And what better way to treasure than to set strong sights going forward? The orchestra’s next steps into the future start with doing what it does best: filling concert halls with the sounds of tomorrow’s greatest music.

On December 12, 2019, the Subotica Philharmonic Orchestra will perform a full concert of works at the City Hall in Subotica, Serbia. Alongside staple pieces such as Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro Uvertira, the orchestra will perform three works by PARMA composers: Ave Maris Stella (world premiere) by Helen MacKinnon, Nothing Shall Come Of This (world premiere) by John A. Carollo, and Into the Woods by Michael J. Evans. Featuring soloists Pál Zsiga (violin) and Alenka Ponjavić Vojnić (soprano) and conducted by maestro and PARMA Project Director Miran Vaupotić, this performance marks a new chapter for the orchestra.

In a way, this program reflects this current moment in the Subotica Philharmonic Orchestra’s history, as a proud past stands side by side with the music and musicians of tomorrow. The next part of the story is only just beginning.

For more information on the Subotica Philharmonic Orchestra, visit https://www.suf.rs/