This New Music Friday, Navona Records presents new interpretations of works by Baroque and Romantic masters, a collection of works inspired by the female experience, and more.

Dive in and discover new music from: Thomas Bowes, Richard E Brown, Scott Brickman, Marilyn Bliss, Jay Anthony Gach, Joseph T. Spaniola, Pavel Gintov, Hilary Demske, Josefien Stoppelenburg, and  Jean Hatmaker.

WOVEN IN TIME - Album Cover


Richard E Brown, Scott Brickman, Marilyn Bliss, Jay Anthony Gach, Joseph T. Spaniola

An eclectic collection of cultural themes, WOVEN IN TIME is grounded in connections made through distant timestamps. Each piece weaves culture and ideas of the past with a modern approach to composition, revitalizing and repurposing the popular culture and literature of yesterday into contemporary music for our enjoyment today.

JOURNEY FOR ONE - Hilary Demske - Album Cover


Hilary Demske

Steinway artist Hilary Demske’s fresh, unique approach to classic repertoire in JOURNEY FOR ONE transforms Schubert’s Winterreise into a reimagined solo piano work with prepared piano that brings new perspectives and individuality while keeping the original composition’s lyricism and complexity intact. 

MODERN MUSES - Album Cover


Josefien Stoppelenburg, Jean Hatmaker

An entirely new presentation of captivating music in its first commercial recording and release, MODERN MUSES showcases works composed by women and works representing female perspective. Josefien Stoppelenburg’s arresting soprano is juxtaposed with Jean Hatmaker’s poetic cello in this recording, fostering a rich musical dichotomy that blends together in a refreshingly powerful way. 

TELEMANN FANTASIAS - Thomas Bowes - Album Cover


Thomas Bowes

Pondering the Baroque violin repertoire, one would be forgiven to think of Johann Sebastian Bach’s works and little else. Acclaimed English violinist Thomas Bowes courageously sets out to change this preconceived notion with TELEMANN FANTASIAS, a rare and remarkable full performance of all of Georg Philipp Telemann’s solo violin fantasias.

PIANO FANTASIES - Pavel Gintov - Album Cover


Pavel Gintov

No other musical form allows the composer as much liberty as the musical fantasy, or fantasia. Ukrainian-born pianist Pavel Gintov iconoclastically blends emotion and reason in his selection of PIANO FANTASIES ranging from the Baroque through to the late Romantic era.