This week we are proud to bring you a slate of seven albums from Navona, Ravello, and Big Round Records including a pairing of big band music with electronic music, a fusion of European and American musical traditions, and out-of-the-box renditions of well-known tunes.

Dive in and discover new music from: Cotatcha Orchestra, James Dashow, Renaissance Men, Jan Järvlepp, Betty R. Wishart, Jovica Ivanović, and Gruca White Ensemble

BIGBAND ELECTRONICS - Cotatcha Orchestra- Album Cover


Cotatcha Orchestra

Fresh from Big Round Records comes the Cotatcha Orchestra’s BIGBANDOVÁ ELEKTRONIKA/BIGBAND ELECTRONICS with bandleader Jiří Kotača. As its name suggests, this unprecedented album pairs original big band music with electronic music, concocting a sound—and perhaps even a brand new genre—that listeners have never heard before.

Songs From A Spiral Tree - James Dashow - Album Cover


James Dashow

James Dashow’s double album SONGS FROM A SPIRAL TREE—new from Ravello Records—collects many of Dashow’s vocal works into an abundant two-disk set. The album presents his compositions for voice, with instruments and electronic sounds, setting poems by Theodore Roethke, John Ashbery, John Berryman and Gian Giacomo Menon.

A Very RenMen Christmas - Renaissance Men - Album Cover


Renaissance Men

The Renaissance Men are back with their latest release on Navona Records: A VERY RENMEN CHRISTMAS: LIVE! The album, which features lush choral arrangements of traditional hymns and holiday classics, captures the festive spirit of the RenMen’s annual Christmas galas for listeners everywhere.

Flights of Fancy - Jan Järvlepp - Album Cover


Jan Järvlepp

Composer Jan Järvlepp’s FLIGHTS OF FANCY is available now through Navona Records. Fusing European and American musical traditions, the album pairs the excitement of rock and jazz rhythms with classical orchestral and chamber music forms.

Moods - Betty R. Wishart - Album Cover


Betty R. Wishart

Betty Wishart and Ravello Records present her latest album: MOODS, featuring her compositions for solo piano as performed by Jeri-Mae Astolfi. These impressionistic pieces, sparked by a swath of concrete and abstract inspirations, explore the full range of timbral textures and colors the piano offers.

Piazzolla and Galliano - Jovica Ivanović - Album Cover


Jovica Ivanović

Internationally-renowned Serbian-Austrian classical accordionist Jovica Ivanović has released his newest album — PIAZZOLLA & GALLIANO — with Navona Records. The program features concertos from Astor Piazzolla and Richard Galliano, both legends in their own rights. Recorded with the Ukrainian Chamber Orchestra, Ivanović’s performances bring these masterworks to life with persuasive passion.

A Different Take - Gruca White Ensemble - Album Cover


Gruca White Ensemble

If variety is the spice of life, A DIFFERENT TAKE adds a bowlful of zest to the idea of standard repertoire. On their debut album, the Gruca White Ensemble’s creative programming and energetic performance lead listeners on a journey through intermingled genres and out-of-the-box renditions of well-known tunes.