As we all work to fine tune our new daily lives, new music comes along once more. Today Navona and Ravello Records bring us new experimental works using voice, Shakespearean sonnets, choral classics, and new Bach and Beethoven arrangements for piano.

Dive in and discover new music from: Jeff Morris, Joseph Summer’s Shakespeare Concerts Series, Eliane Rodrigues, and Jitro Czech Girls Choir.

Hearing Voices - Jeff Morris - Album Cover

Hearing Voices

Jeff Morris

In HEARING VOICES, Jeff Morris captivates the psyche with music that is equal parts space age and primeval. With Morris’s characteristic sensitivity, the collection harnesses the expressive power of digital glitches, sonic manipulation, and underneath it all, the human voice.

Who is Sylvia - Joseph Summer - Album Cover

Who is Sylvia

Joseph Summer

Joseph Summer’s WHO IS SYLVIA, new from Navona Records is a collection of Shakespeare’s works set to music that will make you question everything you thought you learned in high school English. The album, featuring world-premiere compositions by Summer as well as the works of Schubert, Schumann, and more, is a musical experience worthy of the Bard himself.

Aeternum - Eliane Rodrigues - Album Cover


Eliane Rodrigues

ÆTERNUM is a tribute to music’s infallible steadfastness against the mundane adversity of human existence. Brazilian-born pianist Eliane Rodrigues convinces with her forceful, furious interpretations of keyboard works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven – among them the latter’s Fifth Symphony, grippingly arranged by Rodrigues herself. 

Openings - Jitro Czech Girls Choir - Album Cover


Jitro Czech Girls Choir

OPENINGS by the Jitro Czech Girls Choir and conductor Jiří Skopal presents the rich beauty of the Czech Republic’s national dances, folk texts, and songs for audiences around the world. With technical precision and infectious exuberance, the girls of Jitro lovingly offer the songs and stories of their people to all who listen.