This month, we’re proud to introduce the latest in Navona Records’ MOTO series, a newly digitized recording from “Mr. Music of Memphis”, and much more.

Dive in and discover new music from: Matthew Hetz, Pierre Schroeder, Timothy Kramer, John Hawkes, David T. Bridges, John G. Bilotta, Christian Paterniti, Diane Jones, Katherine Price, Michael Cohen, Berl Olswanger, Semir “Sammy” Hasic, Demondrae Thurman, and Evan Mack

Moto Eterno - Trio Casals - Album Cover


Matthew Hetz, Pierre Schroeder, Timothy Kramer, John Hawkes, David T. Bridges, John G. Bilotta, Christian Paterniti, Diane Jones, Katherine Price, Michael Cohen

Ten international composers showcase their respective styles on MOTO ETERNO, the latest installment of NAVONA’s successful MOTO chamber music series. Like the previous MOTO releases, MOTO ETERNO is the result of a wide-ranging Call For Scores and a scrupulous selection process. Acclaimed piano trio Trio Casals (Ovidiu Marinescu, cello; Alexandr Kislitsyn, violin; Anna Kislitsyna, piano), masterfully perform their favorite picks. With its inherent innovation, zest, vigor and verve, MOTO ETERNO proves to be another triumph for the long running series: a journey full of musical twists and turns, at times soothing, at times furious, and highly immersive throughout.

Berl Oswanger At Pepper Records - Album Cover


Berl Olswanger

Berl Olswanger returns for a second installment of timeless archival recordings on Big Round Records, with BERL OLSWANGER AT PEPPER RECORDS, a collection of tunes recorded during the late-50’s golden era of the Memphis record business. Olswanger hit the state-of-the-art studios at Pepper Records to record 10 songs by William “Pat” Best, Floyd Huddleston, Olswanger himself, and more.

No More War - Semir “Sammy” Hasić - Album Cover


Semir “Sammy” Hasić

On NO MORE WAR, composer and award-winning accordionist Semir “Sammy” Hasić shines a spotlight on the 1991 Battle of Vukovar, which plunged eastern Croatia into turmoil. Through the clever usage of dissonance, illogical harmonies, and polyrhythms, the poignant album highlights the aural terrors of a warzone, made all the more jarring by the timbre of the usually cheerful accordion. The message, however, is not all doom and gloom: melodious themes and accompaniment by members of the Philharmonic orchestra provide contrast to the horrors, highlighting the perseverance of the human spirit and how individuals can come together to find hope.

Sound & Light - Demondrae Thurman - Album Cover


Demondrae Thurman

On SOUND AND LIGHT, Demondrae Thurman wields the euphonium to further expand its repertoire and cement its graceful power into the minds of composers of solos and orchestral works alike. Playing works written by five close friends, Thurman wholly dedicates himself to unlocking the musical mysteries of every measure and fully exploring the instrument’s potential.

The Travelled Road - Evan Mack - Album Cover


Evan Mack

Ravello Records proudly presents THE TRAVELLED ROAD from operatic composer Evan Mack. The album is a bold and progressive work featuring compositions that are thoroughly grounded in the modern era. A Little More Perfect sets the text of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion on Obergefell v. Hodges, which made marriage equality the law of the land. Three Reflections of Sister Dorothy tells the story of martyred nun Sr. Dorothy Stang and her fight to save the rainforest. The Road and the End expresses the eponymous 1916 Carl Sandburg poem as a musical tour de force, performed by vocal powerhouse Megan Marino. Mack is a firm believer that opera should be theater grounded in climactic expression, delivering larger-than-life stories while harnessing the full athletic thrill of singing; THE TRAVELLED ROAD embodies this philosophy.