March is coming in like much more than a lion. It’s coming in like orchestral works stretched to their sonic limits, new and inspired string quartet music, and much more.

Dive in and discover new music from: James Lentini, Jackson Greenberg, and Zephyr Quartet.

Through Time and Place - Taktus - Album Cover


James Lentini

Navona Records presents THROUGH TIME AND PLACE, an ambitious cross-section of James Lentini’s extensive catalog of orchestral and symphonic works. The award-winning guitarist and composer impresses with massive tonal landscapes which can be considered exemplary in contemporary American serious music.

First Light - Album Cover


Jackson Greenberg

Ravello Records is proud to announce the release of FIRST LIGHT, featuring performances of two innovative works by composer Jackson Greenberg. In FIRST LIGHT, human inspiration and the machine mind come together to produce music of startling richness and beauty.

Epilogue - Album Cover


Zephyr Quartet

Zephyr Quartet’s new release, EPILOGUE, betrays expectations in the best manner possible. The immediate accessibility of their string quartet music almost instantly reveals a great depth, profundity and musical richness, to the point where it will find only few rivals in contemporary composition.