This month, we’re proud to introduce a flute concerto, contemporary chamber works, and much more.

Dive in and discover new music from: Malta Philharmonic Trio, Ganesh Kumar, Patterson/Sutton Duo, and Jan Järvlepp.

Cantilena - Malta Philharmonic Trio - Album Cover


Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Trio

French mélodies, German lieder, and other well-known forms of artsong whisk listeners away on emotional journeys on CANTILENA, a continent- and generation-spanning of works for solo voice and instrumental accompaniment performed by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Trio.

Spirit of Humanity - Ganesh Kumar - Album Cover

Spirit of Humanity

Ganesh Kumar

A historical feast awaits listeners on Ganesh Kumar’s SPIRIT OF HUMANITY. Half intended as an homage to Beethoven, half a musical portrayal of a little-known refugee crisis in World War II, it aims to be an epically emotional orchestral experience.

Still Life - Patterson/Sutton Duo - Album Cover

STILL LIFE: Collected Music for Cello & Guitar by Stephen Goss

Patterson/Sutton Duo

The standard repertoire for cello and guitar is arguably small. The Patterson/Sutton Duo, a husband-and-wife ensemble, seemed to have followed the mantra of “Either there is a way, or we will make one” by commissioning Stephen Goss to write an entire album’s worth of cello/guitar music for them. The result is the newly-released STILL LIFE.

Concerto 2000 - Jan Järvlepp - Album Cover

Concerto 2000

Jan Järvlepp

Jan Järvlepp’s CONCERTO 2000 presents a tonal concerto scored for orchestra – one might think Wagner or Mahler when listening. Except that Wagner and Mahler might not quite have agreed with the directness of his tonal language: for Järvlepp’s work unabashedly aspires to appeal on a popular level.