photo: Sirius Quartet with composer Stuart Weber at Oktaven Audio in NY

It takes a substantial amount of planning, careful logistics, communication, and time management to coordinate and execute a recording session. But what does it take to record three orchestras in three different countries, all in one day? Maybe it’s magic, or maybe it’s the power of an agile production team. With that, here’s the rundown of this month’s productions.

June 21, 2022

While in the midst of two other sessions, members of the production team were stationed in Portland ME for filming of the Portland Symphony Orchestra’s latest program in their digital concert series, Symphonie Fantastique. The concert is available to stream now through July 29.

Royal Scottish National Orchestra with conductor Alex Jiménez during a recordings session for composer Anthony Iannaccone’s Symphony No. 4, Bridges

On the other side of the Atlantic, sessions were underway in Glasgow, Scotland with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and composer Anthony Iannaccone, whose Symphony No. 4, Bridges along with three other works were recorded in the Royal Glasgow Concert Hall’s New Auditorium. Iannaccone attended sessions in person, joined by conductor Alex Jiménez, who skillfully led the orchestra.

Split amongst three different locations, members of the production team had also set up shop in the Czech Republic for sessions with the Brno Contemporary Orchestra. The ensemble recorded composer James Lentini’s A Distant Place with conductor Pavel Šnajdr at the podium.

Keeping Legacies Alive

Throughout the month, the team dedicated time at the Ostrava House of Culture to record the works of late composer Sydney Hodkinson. Paired with the Benda Quartet, the team captured two of the composer’s pieces for String Quartet, both of which will be included on a double-disc posthumous album release.

We Remember: Conductor & Composer Sydney Hodkinson

Operatic Productions

Following the world premiere of Joseph Summer’s HAMLET just a year prior, the team made their return to Ruse, Bulgaria, this time to assist in the premiere of composer Carl Vollrath’s The Quest, a two-act opera about The Children’s Crusade of 1212. Complete with a full cast and orchestra, the opera was successfully performed for a live audience at the State Opera Ruse.

Scene from Carl Vollrath’s opera The Quest | photo by: Emil Kyostebekov

Sessions with the Sirius Quartet

Earlier this month, a collaboration between numerous PARMA artists came to fruition at New York’s Oktaven Audio with the internationally-acclaimed Sirius Quartet and composers Stuart Weber and John Summers. Weber performed guitar for his compositions alongside the quartet, who are taking the stage at Carnegie Hall later this year.

Sirius Quartet Carnegie Hall

Modern String Quartet Works performed by Sirius Quartet

With these projects in the books and more to come, the production team is full steam ahead into July, with continued sessions with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, and more.