This week, we’re proud to bring you a slate of four albums from Ravello, Navona, and Ansonica Records, including marimba duets, traditional Jewish works, and duets inspired by Chinese poetry.

Dive in and discover new music from: Escape Ten, Carl Vollrath, Soprano Meets Bass (Owlsong Productions), and Gordon Eagle.

Our Favorite Things - Escape Ten - Album Cover

Our Favorite Things

Escape Ten

Ravello Records proudly presents Escape Ten’s sophomore release, OUR FAVORITE THINGS. The album, which is the group’s first project with Ravello, features the music of contemporary composers and artists ranging from award-winning jazz artist Joe Locke to internationally-renowned New Zealand composer John Psathas and many others. Jazz, percussion, and pop all find a home on OUR FAVORITE THINGS.

The Unfolding Flute - Carl Vollrath - Album Cover

The Unfolding Flute

Carl Vollrath

Composer Carl Vollrath returns to Navona Records with THE UNFOLDING FLUTE, a collection of contemporary chamber works showcasing his years of experience writing for flute. Vollrath unfolds his talents piece by piece through the performances of acclaimed flutist Dieter Flury and pianist Ieva Osa.

Sephardic Treasures - Soprano Meets Bass - Album Cover

Sephardic Treasures

Soprano Meets Bass

SOPRANO MEETS BASS, an album of traditional medieval Sephardic songs arranged by jazz bassist and music director Alan Lewine and classical soprano Ana María Ruimonte, is an ethnomusicological celebration of the ancient Sephardic culture. These Spanish Jews were expelled from Spain in the 15th Century and resettled throughout the world, mingling their musical traditions with those of other peoples they encountered. The original arrangements meld medieval Moorish Iberia, jazz, flamenco, Middle Eastern music, and bel canto. They have set these songs in a sort of recombinant world fusion reflecting a vibrant embodiment of the Sephardic communities and their culture.

Melancholy is Like a Plume of Smoke - Gordon Eagle - Album Cover

Melancholy Is Like A Plume Of Smoke

Gordon Eagle

“A poet who composes,” Chinese artist Gordon Eagle presents cross-cultural sounds and styles in his music for soprano and piano. MELANCHOLY IS LIKE A PLUME OF SMOKE features a collection of five songs with music and lyrics penned by Eagle. This new Ravello Records album mingles ancient Chinese poetic traditions and Western sounds in one forward-thinking recording.