The sweet month of February has arrived, and with it comes new music. Lighten up the last winter days or bring new sounds to your Valentine’s Day celebrations with new orchestral music, chamber compositions, and more.

Dive in and discover new music from: Ahmed Alabaca, Sarah Wallin Huff, Noam Faingold, Raisa Orshansky, Craig Morris, Scott Brickman, Audun G. Vassdal, Mark John McEncroe, Kirk O’Riordan, and Michael G. Cunningham.

Prisma Vol 3

Ahmed Alabaca; Sarah Wallin Huff; Noam Faingold; Raisa Orshansky; Craig Morris; Scott Brickman; Audun G. Vassdal

Navona Records’ exhilarating PRISMA VOL. 3—the latest in the PRISMA series—unveils the diverse faces of contemporary orchestral music. In this album, seven master composers rethink what a symphony orchestra is capable of, and in so doing, present their audience with a unique and gratifying musical experience. ‌

Musical Images Vol 2

Mark John McEncroe

Navona Records proudly presents its latest release from composer Mark John McEncroe: MUSICAL IMAGES FOR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA – REFLECTIONS & RECOLLECTIONS VOL. 2. The album, which was recorded in the Czech Republic, features 11 of McEncroe’s piano works performed by the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra.

Autumn Winds - Kirk O'Riordan

Kirk O’Riordan

New from Ravello Records comes AUTUMN WINDS, a collection of chamber music composed by Kirk O’Riordan. O’Riordan takes listeners to the outskirts of tonality in order to elucidate questions of beauty, existence, and mortality.

Indiana Collectanea

Michael G. Cunningham

Navona Live is proud to announce the release of INDIANA COLLECTANEA, which celebrates and preserves composer Michael G. Cunningham’s residency at Indiana University School of Music from 1969-1973. Hear this collection of talented musicians pushed to their utmost by challenging and thoughtful compositions.