Royal Scottish National Orchestra

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Submit your score for consideration and for a quote to record with the internationally-renowned Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Recordings will be produced by PARMA’s award-winning team for release on Navona Records.

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra performs Navona artist Richard E Brown’s Voices of the Night: A Nocturnal Fantasy for Orchestra
“Recording with the RSNO, Joseph Havlat, David Watkin and Brad Michel with PARMA Recordings was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I was blown away by their talent and creativity. It was an outstanding combination.”
– Steve Law

Please note before submitting:

This opportunity requires funding/budget to be secured by or on behalf of the artists of approved pieces. Artists will retain full ownership of their resulting masters and maintain full control of the artistic direction of the project. Costs are determined based on approved pieces of music as assessed by our A&R and Production Departments as well as the ensembles and performers involved. PARMA’s team is available to assist with planning, approvals, and outward-facing documentation to assist toward the generation of project funding for approved pieces.

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