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The OXtet Live at The Range, Ithaca NY

August 6, 2021 10:00 PM EDT
The OXtet Live at the Range

Tonight’s program features original pieces by composer, arranger, and performer Josh OXford as performed by his band The OXtet. He has performed throughout the world, especially in his native central New York, on piano, percussion, and Moog synthesizer. The OXtet will be releasing an album with music by Paul Hindemith this coming winter.

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  • Josh OXford
    Minimoog and Prophet 600
  • Mike Caporizzo
    Electric Guitar
  • Emily Ickes Jackson
  • Russ Posegate
    Arp Odyssey and D50
  • Mike Titlebaum
  • Catherine Gale
  • Simon Bjarning


Josh OXfordElectronisist Josh Oxford, born in 1985,  is a composer, arranger, and performer of myriad styles of music. He has performed throughout the world, especially in his native central New York, on piano, percussion, and Moog synthesizer.  After suffering a debilitating car crash in 2010, Josh has devoted his energy to composing.  His music can be heard on releases from Aaron Tindall, Frank Gabriel Campos, Tim Winfield, Lindsey Goodman, Yung-Ju Pan and on the debut CD of his band The OXtet. He holds two degrees from Ithaca College and a masters from Queens College, where he was awarded The ASCAP Foundation Louis Armstrong Scholarship. He is currently pursuing a doctorate at Arizona State University.

www.JoshOxford.com | FacebookTwitter


Etereo - Trio Casals - Album Cover

Josh Oxford graduated in 2007 with a degree in percussion performance from Ithaca College. Seeking an outlet for his keyboard playing while in school, Josh started a jazz quintet, consisting of drums, bass, vibraphone, trumpet, and Oxford on keyboards. The OXtet quickly evolved into something far more devious than simply playing jazz standards. Over the years guitar and saxophone were added to fill out the ensemble and create the unique blend of acoustic and electronic instruments. The music takes from the rhythmic complexities inherent in the music of Frank Zappa and the Mahavishnu Orchestra; the funk aspects of 80s Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock; and compositional techniques used in modern classical music, such as atonality and 12-Tone serialism. After suffering a debilitating car accident, more personnel were enlisted to further enhance the group’s sound.

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