On a late April evening after London dusk had settled, PARMA Art Director Ryan Harrison deboarded at Heathrow Airport and caught the Tube to Brixton. His destination, along with CEO Bob Lord, Lead Producer and maestro Miran Vaupotić, and composer John A. Carollo, was to the halls of AIR Studios, to record with one of the most highly acclaimed names in Western European classical music: the London Symphony Orchestra.

London has long been a cultural and musical hub, from the days of the British Invasion rock artists to today’s art museums, historical sites, and writers and critics consuming every bit of music possible. It’s a melting pot of a city – more international than strictly British or European, yet still holding onto a certain charm, sophistication, and character.

After spending an afternoon connecting with members of Gramophone Magazine and discussing their latest work, Ryan met up with John for a delicious steak dinner and discussion about the work ahead. John, who had never recorded with the LSO before, expressed his excitement at having his music brought to life by capable artists. Particularly with the renowned LSO, John felt confident trusting the performers to make the right calls on the music.

Composer John A. Carollo

The next day, everyone kicked things into high gear: it was time for the session. Arriving at AIR Studios, made famous for having been owned by the late Beatles producer George Martin, featured rooms for full orchestra and smaller ensembles, practice spaces, and was adorned by the handwritten score of The Beatles’ Yesterday framed on the wall. This backdrop of history and fame set a standard of greatness for the music made within AIR’s halls.

Handwritten score of The Beatles’ Yesterday
Recording at AIR Studios from the producer’s standpoint

With Miran and Grammy Award-winning producer Brad Michel at the helm, baton and bows were raised and the day of sessions commenced. Each moment was treated with value and not a minute was wasted. The orchestra worked with focus through John’s complex symphony which demanded the best from each performer. The speed and efficiency was such that the orchestra kept recording and making final adjustments down to the last moments of the session. Not a literal second was wasted.

As the successful events of the day wrapped, the PARMA team and John went into the city for a celebratory dinner where they all toasted to the maestro. Each member of the party left feeling a sense that bigger and better things were on the horizon for all.

With new connections in new places, we’re looking forward to returning to London soil in the time to come.

From left: CEO Bob Lord, Producer Brad Michel, Composer John A. Carollo, and Maestro Miran Vaupotić