December has arrived, and the closing of both the year and the decade invites time for reflection, relaxation, and setting intentions for what’s to come next. As we prep for the future, we invite you into the present with works from three prolific artists. These new digital releases span genres, instruments, and inspirations.

Dive in and discover new music from Leonard V. Ball, Jr., Elliott Miles McKinley, and Dave Camwell.



Leonard V. Ball, Jr.

Composer Leonard V. Ball’s WORLDS TRANSLUCENT presents a collection of works completed across the span of nearly a decade that capture the joys, fears, and fascinations of everyday life. WORLDS TRANSLUCENT is all at once an eloquent consideration of existential fears as well as a salubrious jaunt infused with palpable joie de vivre.



Elliott Miles McKinley

Elliott Miles McKinley has long been an influential figure in American musical academia. The award-winning music professor’s new album SHADOW DANCER presents some of his chamber works, all centered on a common theme: memories of love.



Dave Camwell

Saxophonist Dave Camwell’s interpretations of music from Baroque to contemporary periods on SECOND WIND impressively demonstrate the capabilities of the instrument in music spanning three centuries.