Image: Karl Blench (right) and cellist Patrick Moore at the world premiere of Dan Brown’s Wild Symphony

We recently caught up with composer, conductor, and orchestrator Karl Blench. Karl’s music has been performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Cuba, and he is Composer-In-Residence for the Axiom String Quartet. His work can be heard on the quartet’s Navona Records album AXIOMS: MOMENTS OF TRUTH.

Most recently, Karl orchestrated the music of #1 New York Times bestselling author Dan Brown’s Wild Symphony. Wild Symphony is an illustrated children’s book and classical music release telling the story of Maestro Mouse and his array of animal friends, and Karl’s work brought these characters to life in vivid form. We discussed Karl’s background and influences, how he preps for an orchestration project, his favorite parts of working on Wild Symphony, and more. We hope you enjoy this conversation.

“What does an armadillo even sound like? It’s so funny to think like that. Eventually you find the right combination of sounds…to get the overall character down for that piece.”

– Karl Blench

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WILD SYMPHONY - album cover

Wild Symphony

Dan Brown’s Wild Symphony features twenty-one musical portraits drawn from the animal kingdom. From the joyous rhythms of “Bouncing Kangaroo” to the mysterious melodies of “Wondrous Whale” to the hair-raising harmonies of “Brilliant Bat,” Wild Symphony is a delight for music lovers of all ages.

AXIOMS - album cover


An axiom is a self-evident truth. Everything on this album represents different aspects and shades of truth. On their debut recording, Axiom Quartet probes the soul and delivers a deeply satisfying statement on truth and inner fulfillment.