The perfect evening needs the perfect music. This Valentine’s Day, PARMA handpicked pieces from our catalog that offer the perfect ambience for a candlelight dinner. From the delicate voice of harp balanced by cello to the performances of memorable repertoire by Schumann, Chopin, and other Romantic greats, Classical Valentine’s Dinner offers equal parts class and sentimentality to your evening.

Explore both the touching styles of French and German traditions with Fantaisie dans le style de Richard Strauss, off of Navona Records’ BELLE NUIT. With the sentimentality of the Late Romantic composer’s style, Fantaisie dans le style de Richard Strauss transports listeners to a picture-perfect scene within the nuances of pianist Kathryn Goodson’s performances.

Continue this Romantic listening experience with a timeless favorite: Nocturnes, Op. 9 No. 2 in E-Flat Major by Frédéric Chopin and performed by Brazilian piano virtuoso Eliane Rodrigues. With an entrance as distinct as it is soothing, Chopin’s Nocturne accentuates any romantic evening, and Rodrigues’ performance does the piece full justice.

From a traditional piece of repertoire to a composition hot off the press, Garth Baxter’s February 2019 release RESISTANCE contains his piece Romance Without Words. Based on music from Garth’s opera, Lily, Romance Without Words is a tender expression for piano that perfectly caps off any romantic dinner.

Let these, Michael Kurek’s Serenade off his Billboard-topping THE SEA KNOWS, Carmine Miranda’s passionate and riveting Cello Concerto in A Minor, and more complete your Valentine’s Day plans with the perfect finishing touch.

For more mood-setting music from our catalog, explore our Heart Strings playlist, featuring the best of love-centered choral music, a passionate Cuban performance from Ansonica Records, and more.

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