Bob Lord  |  CEO    x113

Sam Renshaw  |  Vice President, A&R    x116

Brandon MacNeil  |  Senior A&R Representative    x155

Marina Altschiller  |  A&R Representative

Karen Parks  |  A&R Research Coordinator    x158

Tiffany Sammy  |  A&R Assistant

Lucas Paquette  |  Engineering Manager    x152

Levi Brown  |  Recording Sessions Manager    x115

Dayron Ortega  |  Lead Producer, PARMA Cuba

Chris Cyrus  |  Marketing Assistant

Brett Picknell  |  Art Director    x153

Emily Roulo  |  Graphic Designer    x159

Janet Giovanniello  |  Vice President, Finance

Sarah Koons  |  Staff Accountant    x162

Chris Robinson  |  Senior A&R Representative

Danielle Lewis  |  A&R Representative    x151

Emma Terrell  |  A&R Assistant

Jeff LeRoy  |  Audio Director    x114

Shaun Michaud  |  Lead Engineer

Miran Vaupotić  |  Project Director

Scott Feldman  |  Marketing & PR Manager    x165

Patrick Niland  |  Marketing Coordinator    x118

Ryan Harrison  |  Production Designer    x160

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